If you’ve been in business long enough, then sooner or later you are probably going to get dragged into a lawsuit.  Perhaps it’s a disgruntled employee, a business competitor, or even a customer. You may find yourself as a defendant. You may find yourself as a plaintiff. And you may ask yourself, “What do I do now?”  The answer is simple: “Go grow your business. Let us handle the legal stuff.”  

Our firm believes that lawsuits, lawyers and legal fees should always be your last choice when it comes to resolving disputes.  But there are times when the other side doesn’t give you a choice in the matter.  Sometimes you are 100% right and the other side is being unreasonable.  At other times, you might be willing to privately concede in hindsight that your company could have handled things a little differently, but the other side is trying to take advantage of the situation and being greedy.  In either case, we're prepared to take ownership of your legal problem so that you can concentrate on your business.  

For the first 10 years of his career, Rick practiced law at national and international law firms, helping clients successfully prosecute and defend lawsuits throughout the country.  For the next 10 years, he served as the General Counsel of a publicly traded, Fortune 1000 company where he was responsible for selecting, managing and paying outside legal counsel.  In that capacity, he came to appreciate that it’s not necessarily the lawyer’s hourly rate, or even the number of hours spent by the lawyer, that matters.  It’s all about value.  Did the lawyer deliver what was reasonably expected?  Was the total spend reasonable?  Would I call that lawyer back again next time?  

To be fair, the lawyer you choose to represent your company in litigation probably did not create the law or facts that will control the outcome of your case.  However, that lawyer does have the ability to help you develop and manage your expectations going forward, and should prepare your case so that it shines in the light most favorable to it.  The lawyer should also understand that you have a business to run, and that your business does not revolve around the lawsuit.  As trial lawyers, we all too often forget that our job is not only to “win” the case, but also to take our clients’ legal problems off their plates so they can run their businesses.   

Here are some of the types of lawsuits that Rick has handled on behalf of clients around the country:

· Commercial disputes

· Employment discrimination 

· Non-compete agreements

· Products liability defense

· Personal injury/Wrongful Death

· Fires and explosions

· Consumer Protection/Fraud

· State Attorney General Investigations/Lawsuits

· Local counsel services (MO and KS state and federal)

Our firm doesn’t take on every case that is sent our way.  If we do not believe we are the firm best suited to handle your lawsuit, then we will do our best to connect you with the right law firm for the job.  Our referrals are made at no charge to you. Please call us to discuss your next case.  (816) 800-5001.  

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